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About The Artist

A little about me. I'm a native Floridian with ties to Ohio Georgia and New York. I love the beach and sports. However i know you're hear to read about my photography, when it comes down to it, I just love photography. Knowing that I am not just creating images, but capturing memories. 
I have been in photography for almost 9 years now. According to my count, which is probably off by a little, I have photographed almost 200 weddings. Still loving each one! I am a member of the Florida Professional Photographer Association (FPP)and Bay Professional Photographer Association (BPPA). I have entered countless competitions in the local, state, and even national level. Some of these competitions have led to awards on each level. In 2015 I was named one of the top ten photographers in the state of Florida by the FPP .Also in 2011, 2012 and 2013 I was awarded The BPPA Photographer of the year award. In 2015 I was named one of the top 10 photographer in the state of Florida by the Florida Professional Photographers association. I also placed 1st in the Unclassified print category.  Along with these I was also selected into my first gallery in 2012. The Biannual LeGrange Art show in LaGrange Ga, just outside of Atlanta. There were 900 pieces invited and 38 photography pieces selected. Let me show you what I can do.




2011 -2013 BPPA Photographer of the Year. Billy D Photography